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Introducing Wizard of Dog, the cryptocurrency that’s barking up the right tree in the world of meme coins! Born from a magical mishap that saw Draco Malfoy chase Toto around Oz, this coin is for those who believe in the power of magic, memes, and a good belly rub. It’s where spells meet tails, and investments meet adventures.


Because the world of crypto was severely lacking in wizards, dogs, and all things magically meme-able. Wizard of Dog is not just another coin in your digital wallet; it's your ticket to a journey over the rainbow and beyond Hogwarts. Perfect for muggles, wizards, and dog lovers looking for a laugh amidst the serious business of blockchain.



Unlocking the Mysteries of Our Magical Mission and Charms



  • Spellbound Tokenomics: Our economy is built on a foundation of wizardry, wagging tails, and a sprinkle of pixie dust.

  • The Yellow Brick Blockchain: Our roadmap is paved with emerald ambitions and milestones that even Dorothy would want to follow.

  • Frequently Howled Questions (FHQ): Got queries? We've got magical answers and a potion or two to keep things interesting.

treats) are all you need to navigate the wonderful world of cryptocurrency!

Embark on a Magical Journey with Wizard of Dog No quest too grand, no spell too small, Wizard of Dog welcomes all. Dive into a realm where magic and camaraderie collide.



The Enchanted Guardian of the Wizard of Dog Realm

Merlin Paws, the grand old wizard of Dog Realm, boasts a beard so long he occasionally trips over it - a quirky testament to his centuries of wisdom. This magical golden doodle started his illustrious career chasing his own tail, only to discover it was a source of untapped arcane energy. Merlin's hat, cluttered with stars and moons, might look like a fashion statement gone wrong, but it's actually a beacon of his spellbinding prowess.
Despite wielding immense power, Merlin insists his greatest spell involves turning kibble into gourmet feasts - a trick that has earned him the undying loyalty of the realm's creatures, both magical and mundane. He's not just a mentor to aspiring wizards but also the life of the party at the enchanted forest's gatherings, known for accidentally turning drinks into frogs.
Today, Merlin Paws patrols the Wizard of Dog Realm with a wise yet slightly mischievous glint in his eyes, ready to tackle any challenge with a spell or a well-timed joke. His adventures are as legendary as his ability to nap in the most inconvenient places, proving that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks, especially if those tricks involve saving the day with a wag of his magical tail.
endless as the stars. With every sunrise, he embarks on new adventures, forever weaving the threads of magic and mystery through the tapestry of time.


The Mischievous Mage of Mutt Magic

Draco Barkfoy, once notorious for his purebred arrogance and a penchant for chasing his own shadow, is now the Wizard of Dog Realm's most charmingly troublesome mage. With a lineage as distinguished as the fanciest of dog shows, Draco's transition from pampered pup to a master of mutt magic was as unexpected as finding a treat in an old chew toy.
Sporting a sleek cloak that's always just a tad too grand for his frame and a hat that seems to have a mind of its own, Draco's style is "disheveled chic." He wields a wand chewed to perfection, channeling spells with the enthusiasm of a dog hearing "walk" but with mixed results. His magic, powerful yet unpredictable, often turns minor mischief into unintended mayhem, leaving Merlin Paws to clean up the magical mess.
Despite his magical misfires, Draco's heart is as golden as Merlin's fur. His loyalty, once earned, is as steadfast as his love for a good belly rub. Beneath the surface of his wizardly whimsy, he's a dog on a quest to prove that even the most mischievous mutt can change his spots—or at least learn to control his spells.
Draco's adventures through the enchanted forest are filled with laughter, lessons, and the occasional accidental transformation spell. He may not always get the magic right, but his efforts bring a spell of joy and jest to the realm, proving that every dog, no matter how mischievous, has his day.



The Eager Enchanter-in-Training

Pawsley Spellbound, the youngest and most enthusiastic apprentice in the Wizard of Dog Realm, is a bundle of boundless energy with a magic wand that's almost as big as he is. Born with a wag that could shake the stars loose from the sky, Pawsley's eagerness to learn the ways of wizardry is matched only by his knack for turning study sessions into impromptu games of fetch.
Clad in an apprentice cloak that he's yet to grow into and a hat perpetually askew, Pawsley's approach to magic is a mixture of awe-inspired giggles and determined "arfs." Under the tutelage of Merlin Paws and the occasionally dubious guidance of Draco Barkfoy, he's learning that magic isn't just about casting spells—it's about the adventure, the friends you make, and the occasional accidental transformation of inanimate objects into squirrels.
Pawsley's natural talent for magic comes with a puppy-sized portion of patience, leading to spells that sometimes fizzle or spectacularly backfire, much to the amusement (and occasional dismay) of his mentors. Yet, his resilience and unyielding joy remind everyone in the realm that the heart of magic lies in the journey, not just the destination.


Wizard of Dog Roadmap


At the Crack of Dawn (or whenever we wake up)

World Domination Breakfast: We gather around the Round Table (it's actually square) to plot the course of the day, fueled by coffee and the leftover pizza of innovation.

By the First Quarter Moon (Date: TBD...or never)

Summon the Social Spirits: Launch our social media channels. Or at least, think really hard about it. If the stars align and Mercury isn't in retrograde, we might actually remember the passwords.

When the Cows Come Home (But they're mythical cows)

Magic Marketplace Mirage: We'll unveil plans for a marketplace where you can trade absolutely anything - from dragon eggs to pixie dust. Disclaimer: Items may only exist in the Netherworld.

The Twelfth of Never

Wizard’s Wallet Whimsy: A launch so grand it might only happen in another dimension. This wallet not only holds your coins but also dispenses endless excuses for why you're still holding.

Once in a Blue Moon (or a really convincing Thursday)

Brew the Potion of Profits: Here, we definitely plan on making money. How? Good question. We're considering everything from ancient alchemy to selling exclusive air from the Enchanted Forest.

The Day Pigs Fly

Community Conjuring: A grand gathering of all our members, both mortal and mythical. Expect flying lessons, spell casting competitions, and a magical pet show. BYOB (Bring Your Own Broomstick).

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